Basic Practices

The Basics are easy to learn and take minimal practice time to yield many health benefits. Even people on a busy schedule are able to fit them into their daily life.

The first step into the UHT System includes:

– Chi Kung Warm up exercises
– Inner Smile and 6 Healing Sounds
– Microcosmic Orbit
– Iron Shirt Chi Kung
– Healing Love

Basic Workshop Contents

Learn to recharge your internal battery, to boost your immune system, transform negative emotions, increase creative potential and to activate your spiritual energy. Create a conscious connection with your inner source and experience how to increase your own life force “Chi” and activate your spiritual intelligence.

Through Warm up and Chi Kung (intensive work with our inner energy) exercises we enhance the capacity of our physical and energetic body to absorb more energy.
The Inner Smile is a wonderful relaxation exercise through which we achieve harmony with our physical body thereby also learning to accept and respect unconditionally ourselves with all our bodily functions (glands, organs, cells, bones, etc.).

The Six Healing Sounds support us to transform negative emotions, stress and pain into life force. Our organs are detoxified and regenerated.
By opening the Microcosmic Orbit we guide our consciousness and energy along the two main meridians in our energy body, which supplies our entire body with more vitality and consciousness. We become healthier, less susceptible to stress, more balanced and flow through life with joy.

Iron Shirt Chi Kung supports through positions and concentration the flow of energy, strengthens our roots, opens energy channels and energizes muscles, tendons, nerves, organs as well as unifies our whole bone structure. In this way we build a so-called “protective Iron Shirt Chi” and are able to maintain healthy chi pressure, posture, as well as inner stability, efficiency and effectiveness.

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