Mantak Chia

Master Mantak Chia

Master Mantak Chia is the fonder of the Universal Healing Tao System. Born in 1944 in Thailand to Chinese parents, he was introduced to meditation and martial arts at an early age. In his twenties, his pursuit of Taoist teachings led him to meet the White Cloud Hermit, a Taoist Master originally from Central China, living at that time in the mountains not far from Hong Kong. Master Yi Eng was to become Mantak Chia’s principal teacher. Master Chia also studied Western anatomy and medicine for a couple of years, creating bridges between ancient Taoist knowledge and modern science. In 1979, he settled in New York where he opened the Universal Tao Center. In 1994, he moved back to Thailand, where he had begun the construction of Tao Garden and the Universal Tao Training Center near Chiang Mai. He now shares his time between teaching in Thailand and around the world. Master Chia has trained tens of thousands of students and his books are translated in more than 30 languages.

The Universal Healing Tao System

The UHTS is a practical system of physical, emotional and spiritual self-development that enables individuals to master themselves and become their own healers and teachers. It covers meditation, Chi kung, Tai Chi, Tao Yin, energy healing and massage, from the basics to the highest practices. The Universal Healing Tao System is not a religion and does not require belief in any set of deities or gods, nor devotion or submitting to the master. Master Chia has now trained over 1500 instructors around the world, and created the WUTHIF, the Worldwide Universal Healing Tao Instructor Faculty. The Universal Tao Training Center is located near Chiang Mai, in northern Thailand, on the same ground as the Tao Garden Health Resort. (

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