Coming soon: Taoist Healing Arts with Jutta Kellenberger & Natasa Kovac

The Taoist Healing Arts training with Jutta Kellenberger [SL] and Natasa Kovac in 2020 was cancelled due to the Corona Pandemic, but we are happy to announce that their wish to teach in Brussels are unchanged. As soon as we know the new date, we will announce it on this website.

Already interested? Here you can find all the information of the cancelled training:

Taoist Healing Arts:
Chi Nei Tsang I Massage, Chi Nei Tsang II and Cosmic Healing / Buddha Palm

in Brussels, Belgium, with Jutta Kellenberger and Nataša Kovač


4 days from 09.00 – 17.30:
Chi Nei Tsang I with Certification
(Nataša Kovač)

4 days from 09.00 – 17.30:
Chi Nei Tsang II with Certification
(Jutta Kellenberger, Nataša Kovač)

2 days from 09.00 – 17.30:
Cosmic Healing I: Buddha palm
(Jutta Kellenberger)

Training will be in English and translated into French and it will be also possible to translate into Dutch by asking in advance. 

This workshop is for all:  all Tao students who are interested in advancing to another level of spiritual and practical development, as well as those who would like to become practitioners to enhance their massage or medicinal trade. The courses give you the opportunity to learn more about your own body and how to heal yourself as well as how to help others whether it be family, friends or clients.

In a short demonstration Nataša Kovač will show students how to use CNT Microcurrent.

Jutta Kellenberger, Universal Healing Tao Senior Instructor

Nataša Kovač is certified Universal Healing Tao Instructor (school of Master Mantak Chia), teacher and practitioner of Chi Nei Tsang 1, 2 and 3 (Tok Sen).

Information and Registration
+32 497 53 37 04 Nataša




Les arts de Guérison Taoïste:
Chi Nei Tsang I, Chi Nei Tsang II et Guérison Cosmique / Paumes de Bouddha

à Bruxelles, Belgique avec Jutta Kellenberger and Nataša Kovač



4 jours: 09h00 – 17h30 Chi Nei Tsang I  avec certification ( Nataša Kovač)

4 jours: Chi Nei Tsang II avec certification ( Jutta Kellenberger, Nataša Kovač)

2 jours: 09h30 – 17h30 Guérison Cosmique / Paumes de Bouddha ( Jutta Kellenberger)

La formation sera en anglais et traduite en français et il sera également possible de traduire en néerlandais en demandant à l’avance.

Cet atelier est pour tous: tous les étudiants de Tao qui souhaitent progresser vers un autre niveau de développement spirituel et pratique, ainsi que ceux qui souhaitent devenir praticiens pour améliorer leur massage ou leur métier de médicinal. Les cours vous donnent l’occasion d’en apprendre davantage sur votre propre corps et comment vous guérir ainsi que comment aider les autres, que ce soit la famille, les amis ou les clients.

Dans une courte démonstration, Nataša Kovač montrera aux étudiants comment utiliser le CNT Microcurrent.

Jutta Kellenberger
est instructrice senior de Universal Healing Tao system.

Nataša Kovač
Elle est certifiée Instructrice de Universal Healing Tao, praticienne et enseignante de Chi Nei Tsang 1, 2 et 3 (Tok Sen).

Contact et inscriptions
Tel.: +32 497 53 37 04 (Nataša)




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